Free Web Hosting Compatible With WordPress

Many of us do not understand the difference between free web hosting and shared web hosting. It is usually quite easy to find out the differences once we do our research. The one that usually comes to mind first when it comes to free web hosting and shared hosting is the fact that the service is free. But let us take a closer look at the free web hosting services that are available. We will see what it takes to run a business online through free web hosting.

free web hosting compatible with wordpress

The most popular free web hosting service today is WordPress. WordPress is basically a Content Management System that is used for creating blogs, websites and more. It is a great system that is used for any number of things and does exactly what you would expect from a CMS. One of the best things about WordPress is the plugins that are available to make life easier for you. There are hundreds of different plugins out there that will help make your website more functional and provide you with the functionality that you are looking for.

Now let us take a look at the free web hosting that is available that is compatible with WordPress. Since WordPress is a very popular program, many companies offer free web hosting that is very similar to that which is provided by a third party company. However they may not be free on the same level as their paid counterparts. The differences can be drastic.

If you are looking for a hosting company that offers free web hosting that is free from advertisements then you are going to want to look at Host Gator. Host Gator has become one of the favorite free hosting sites and is extremely popular among people who are running a business online. Their tools allow you to build your site and have SEO ready content all built into one package for free.

Now if you are looking for something that is more closely resembling a paid service, you are going to want to check out Host Gator again. They still offer free web hosting and it is much more functional than most of the other options that are out there. With all of the advertisements and pop up ads that are all over the internet it is hard to trust any free web hosting site. However, Host Gator has gotten the job done for people and their businesses.

So, in conclusion, when you are looking for free web hosting that is compatible with WordPress make sure you do your research. You may find that Host Gator is the place for you and your business needs. Just keep in mind that even though they offer free hosting that is not always going to be free from advertisements and pop ups.

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